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Much of the colleges' energy efficiency is dependent on the awareness of staff and students. The following tips can help to maximise efficiency, reduce our carbon emissions, and help Bloomsbury achieve its reduction targets.


Turn it off

It really can make a difference! Remembering to switch off TV screens, PCs, lights, chargers, and authorised lab equipment can significantly reduce energy use. 


Be more efficient 

When you are using something that uses energy, think how you could do it more efficiently. This could be;
> Turning the thermostat down

> Washing on a lower temperature 
> Optimising fridges, freezers, and other equipment to the right temperature
> Using only the required amount of resource (such as water) to boil.  

Smart purchases


If you are in charge of purchasing a new piece of equipment, ensure is it the most energy efficient model that your budget will allow.
Think about the whole life cost of the product -
> How much energy has been used to make it?
> How much does it use when in operation? 

> When it comes to the end of its life, how can it be disposed? 

For more information, visit our purchasing page. 


Report it

If you think there is a problem with lighting, heating, or any other estates related energy or water issues, please contact us. Birkbeck / LSHTM / SOAS 

Alternatively if you have any suggestions for energy improvements across the colleges we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch. 

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