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Paper Guidelines

Did you know that staff and students at Birkbeck used more than 10 million sheets of paper (equivalent to 5,000 trees) over the past year?

The environmental impacts from paper use range from deforestation to air and water pollution, as a result of water manufacturing and treatment. Additionally, the paper industry uses more water to produce a tonne of product than any other industry and hazardous materials like bleach are used to provide us with bright white paper.


To reduce everyday paper use you can use some of the following tips:

  • Use e-mails to send and receive documents.

  • Print only the information you need from a document.

  • Bring laptops or iPads to take notes in meetings if possible.

  • If you have to print, print double-sided.

  • Consider rationalisation of student handbooks provided.

Check out this inspirational video from 'Nature is speaking'