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Sustainable Travel

The Bloomsbury Colleges are committed to reducing the use of natural resources and the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) relating to College activities through staff and student travel.

As we are based in the heart of London, the convenience of public transport and cycling routes around the area makes it easier for us to reduce car travel, however we are continuing to make it easier for staff, students and visitors to reach our facilities in a sustainable way, and ensure we are providing resources for this to take place.  

These are just some of the initiatives we are delivering on to promote sustainable travel and contribute to a healthier and greener London: 

  • encouraging an increase in cycle parking provision

  • taking environmental considerations into account when purchasing or leasing fleet vehicles

  • establish systems for monitoring business travel

  • encouraging the use of teleconferencing facilities to allow staff to avoid unnecessary travel

  • encouraging active travel through the promotion of interest-free bicycle purchase loans, participating in a cycle to work cycle hire scheme, and providing shower and locker facilities for cyclists

  • encouraging more staff to use public transport through the provision of interest-free season ticket loans

  • monitoring parking permit allocations to ensure that no further permits are allocated unless justification is provided​​​

business travel

Find out what resources are available to reduce impacts of business travel.  

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