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The Green Forest Competition

Thank you for taking part! (we have to say, you`re quite AWESOME!)


The Green Forest Competition is a staff engagement programme run by the Bloomsbury Colleges. The Competition aims to encourage staff to take sustainable initiates at home, at work, within the organization and in the community.

Tasks will cover four stages: Seed level,  Leaf level, Tree level and Forest level. Details of tasks can be found below but please keep in mind that any other sustainability initiatives can earn you points. Be bold!


Once every six months, the teams and the individuals with the three highest scores will be rewarded and praised for their efforts.


This portal is open to all staff who would like to contribute to their team`s/department`s efforts in winning the Engagement competition. Alternatively, you can enter the competition as an individual.


Please upload any evidence (pictures, documents) and make it clear which tasks you attempted and what department/individual should they be accredited to.

If you are creating a new task (we very much encourage you to do so! + it`s worth double points), then please explain what the task is. 

You can also submit by email.


Below you can see the standard list of tasks and points. If you submit a new task you should suggest what you think it`s worth.


Have lots of fun! 

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