How do we generate our energy? 

Combined Heat and Power

SOAS's main source of electricity and heat comes from a gas powered Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) located beneath the main building! The system has been in use since 2000 and produces lower carbon heat and energy that would otherwise be provided by the grid and single boilers. 

Birkbeck also benefits from the heat created, and overall the CHP system generates enough energy to power the equivalent of over 2000 households a year!



100% Renewable Electricity

Birkbeck and LSHTM both purchase 100% renewable electricity to power their estates. At SOAS, the energy demand that can't be met by the CHP above is also 100% purchased renewable energy.  

From the period between April 2017 and March 2018 both institutions were powered by a mix of wind (93.7%), waste (5.6%), and biomass (0.7%) energy generation. For more information on institutions energy policies please click here.

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Solar SOAS

The Solar SOAS Community Energy Project successfully installed an array of 114 panels on top of the Old Building roof in 2016. They generate an estimated 24,000 kWh/year!  Click here to find out more and get involved. 

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