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Birkbeck branded KeepCups are now available from all eateries and cafes. There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make just 1 KeepCup, so you'll be reducing waste in no time! 

They cost £6-7 and your first drink is FREE, with an additional 10% off every hot drink purchased across all Birkbeck outlets.

Good for the planet, good for your wallet. 


Birkbeck has branded reusable water bottles available from all eateries and cafes

All outlets offer free water re-fills, and everyone has access to the dedicated fountain on the ground floor of Malet Building (next to the library entrance). 

A simple change that will benefit the planet and you pocket.


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Say hello to Eco-To-Go, a more sustainable takeaway lunch option aiming to reduce packaging waste

Simply request an Eco-To-Go container when ordering your food at Terrace 5 restaurant, pay a deposit, and return it to get your money back. ITS THAT EASY!

The container will be washed and reused again and again, reducing the need for more throw away packaging. 

Birkbeck is partnered with the food waste app Too Good To Go, offering discounted meals from Terrace 5 Restaurant that would otherwise be sent to compost.

Meals will typically cost just £2.59, and could include a mix of hot dishes, as well as handmade sandwiches, filled baguettes, or snacks. 


Customers can pick up their order anytime between 19:30 - 20:00 - just show your order receipt to one of our catering staff. 


Download the app now and enjoy!    

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Birkbeck is partnered with Change Please, a not-for-profit organisation who provide barista training to those who have recently become homeless. The staff will earn the London Living Wage, and are given support with housing, bank accounts, and mental well being. 

Birkbeck and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine are Fairtrade accredited Universities. We are committed to supporting Fairtrade in the products we procure, and are seeking new ways to incorporate and promote Fairtrade across catering and other services. 


Birkbeck is partnered with Olleco, who collects our waste cooking oil and processes it into high grade bio fuel which can be used as a renewable energy source. 

This reduces the environmental impact of our waste stream and provides an alternative to fossil fuels. 

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For the latest news across catering at Birkbeck follow @EatandDrinkBBK on Twitter, and @eatanddrinkBBK on Instagram 

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